World Mental Health Day 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Not only do I work in mental health but have and am suffering from mental ill health

Mental health is still stimagtised, it shouldn’t be but it is

Days like this are great as they get people talking but I also believe that mental health should be talked about every other day too

The theme for this years World Mental Health Day is young people and mental health in a changing world

I know they are little but I do worry about the boys

I wouldn’t want to grow up in the technological age we have now, social media was just starting as I left school but now it is everywhere & everything to young people

One of Mini M’s nursery friends is being bullied at school already, he is 4!! What impact is that going to have on him in later life and also his learning

Throughout my career I have heard stories from patients about their childhood or when they were adolescents and the huge impact that has had on them. Some times when I have heard stories I have wondered how I would have managed in that situation, often thinking they have coped better than I would

There are tips out there on how to talk about mental health

The important thing to do is to be there for someone. Whether it is an adult, child or young person. They might not want to talk to you at the time but knowing you are there for them when they are ready is so important

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