When In Rome – Review

We have an Amazon Echo, we use it pretty much every day.  The boys love asking for music on it.  I sometimes fall out with Alexa though as she doesn’t like my accent

We are always looking for new ways to get more out of our Amazon Echo. 

Sensible Object, the award-winning gaming start-up, recently released When In Rome, the world’s first ever Alexa-connected board game, which is available to buy from exclusively for Amazon Prime customers, priced £24.99.

When In Rome pairs up with an Alexa powered smart speaker such as Amazon’s Echo, which then guides players through the game – teaching the rules, keeping track of the score and delivering immersive audio. Players set up the board, connect to the When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa, divide into two teams and get ready to travel the world from the comfort of their home.

With 20 cities to visit and a friendly local asking questions about their city from categories including slang and language, food and drink, and random and strange, Alexa steers the players through the game as the teams compete to make new friends, earn upgrade cards and collect souvenirs in each new city they visit. The combination of beautiful components, real locals, emergent game play and Alexa playing host, makes Voice Originals When In Rome an unforgettable board game experience.

Also just released from the same people is WordMine, a new word anagram game which is free to play on the Amazon Echo

Alexa talks you through the game but there are instructions too.  You go into teams – Red & Blue.  You place your plane on the city and answer the question, if you get it right you place one of your little friends markers on that spot.  You also get points which Alexa keeps a track of.  There are 5 souvenirs you need to collect, again Alexa will tell you about them.  The first team to collect 3 souvenirs wins the game. 

When moving around the board you can only go to the next city, you can’t jump around the board.  If you land on a city where the other team has made a friend you don’t get a question and have to wait for them to answer their questions before you can move again.  You also have upgrade cards but can only use them a certain times, each card has a saying you need to say to Alexa to activate the card

I am shocking at Geography but to you are asked questions about that city that can be well know.  Mr M was brilliant at this game, he is a fountain of world & travel knowledge (I have told him to go on TV game shows he’s that good!). Mr M’s team won.  I am looking forward to playing this with my parents at Christmas when they visit.  Describing the game makes it sound complicated but it really isn’t.  Alexa guides you really well through the game and will explain things again if you do get confused

This game is perfect for Christmas when you have all the family round, what more perfect way to spend the evening than playing a game together.  The game is suitable for ages 13+ and for between 4-8 players (2-4 per team)

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review however all views are my own

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