Viva Blackpool – Review

Living on the Fylde Coast means we have Blackpool pretty much on our doorstep

There’s a lot going on in the town & it’s trying really hard to make itself more a family resort

We were asked to review Viva Blackpool Dinner & Show package

We picked to go see Paul Zerdin

He’s a ventriloquist who you may remember won America’s Got Talent in 2015

Viva Blackpool is on Church Street which is just off the Tower

We sat at our table ready for our meal

There’s a bar at the back of the room where you can get your drinks.  There are also waitresses walking around the room who take your order. I never saw anyone queuing for very long for a drink

The layout wasn’t what I expected.  I thought there would be rows of seats but instead there were tables of varying sizes

For the Dinner & Show you have a starter & main course, you can choose to add a dessert for extra.  There’s also a Premium menu. You have to let them know your choices before 3pm on the day of the show.

For starter Mr M went for the soup & I chose the hog roast & apple terrine.  Mr M really enjoyed his soup, which was red pepper & tomato.  My terrine was nice but a little warm like it had been left out too long

For the main course we both went for the Chicken Capri, which was a chicken breast filled with Italian cheese & chorizo wrapped in bacon with a cream & white wine sauce, along with vegetables & potatoes.  It was very tasty & quite filling

We didn’t realise that we weren’t just seeing Paul Zerdin.  There was a cabaret act on first.  It wasn’t West End standard but it was fun family entertainment.  They sang a variety of songs from Greatest Showman, 60’s music, Oklahoma & Status Quo

Next we were given a brief taste of the High Jinx Magic Shows where the Magician juggled with 3 very sharp swords whilst on a unicycle.  He got 2 members of the public to help him on his unicycle.  It was very funny & something the kids would enjoy

Then it was time for the main event.  Paul Zerdin

First he brought out his baby which was really funny & a little bit cute!  That part of the show ended with the baby weeing on everyone at the front.

Then it was time for Sam.  If you know Paul Zerdin you will know Sam is the main character.  He is very cheeky & funny.  He did a voice swap with Sam which was really impressive & also clicked his tongue whilst Sam hummed the tune, which had me thinking – “how did he do that!?”

He then told us a bit about his act & how he is always freaking people out in the street.  For example walking past a pram & making it sound like the baby is talking, or watching Harry Potter with his nephew & making the whisper “Harry Potter” that Voldemort does

Next it was time for Albert who is Sam’s grandad.  He was a typical older person, had his hearing aid in the wrong place

He then selected 2 people from the audience to wear masks which he then controlled what they said.  Unfortunately the girl wasn’t very keen & didn’t really participate like the guy, but it was still funny

I would definitely recommend you go see Paul Zerdin if you get the chance, it was a great show

Once he was finished the bar stayed open so you could spend the rest of your night there (the show finished at 1030pm) or you could go down to the diner to grab some food

I was really surprised with Viva Blackpool, it’s much bigger than I expected.

The tickets for Paul Zerdin were £17-£24, the dinner & show tickets were £33.95-£40.95

If you’re in Blackpool I would definitely recommend you check out what they have on.  There is a lot of tribute acts but also some big names


Disclaimer: I was given the dinner & show package in exchange for this review, all views are my own

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  1. Stevie - A Cornish Mum says:

    Ha this sounds like a fun evening! Si and I keep thinking about taking the boys to Blackpool for the rollercoasters etc, as when we went to Universal Studios last year we discovered that we have two adrenaline junkies 😉

    Stevie x

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