Toddle Pod – review

Baby M has had trouble napping during the day since he was little

He can nap but he prefers to sleep on us.  Whenever we put him in his cot he wakes and cries the house down

When he started nursery he would sleep on a bean bag they have.

I had been looking at a Toddle Pod for a while but I wasn’t sure whether to buy one as they are quite a bit of money

As soon as nursery said he was sleeping on the bean bag I bought one.

Toddle Pod is made by the lovely people at Poddle Pod.

Poddle Pod is aimed at babies aged from birth to 6 months whereas Toddle Pod is from 6 months until 3 years old

There are so many different covers you can choose from.  The designs are great and there is something for everyone.  We went for Party Animals


At first Baby M was a little unsure.  We left the Toddle Pod on the floor so he could get used to it

The first few times he fell asleep on me and I put him in the pod.


Then when he looked sleepy I would put him on the pod and he fell asleep


Now he will crawl to the pod and fall asleep himself


The Pod is great for taking on holiday with you as it is somewhere easy you can lie baby down for a sleep.

The middle of the pod is thin so will feel like whatever you put the pod on, we always put it on our rug.  The sides are made so that baby feels snug and secure.


If you have been wondering whether to buy either a Poddle Pod or Toddle Pod I can’t recommend them enough.  The Toddle Pod costs £49.99 and the Poddle Pod is £39.99.  I think it is definitely value for money


Disclaimer: I purchased this Toddle Pod of my own accord because it was a product we wanted.  No review was promised.  All views are my own



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  1. Helena Blakemore says:

    Iv been looking at these for ages, but they are quite a bit of money. I’m in two minds whether to get a poodle pod for the new baby (due in a month) or the toddle pod, which he can grow into, and our toddler could make use of now. You’re not helping, seeing as how you recommend it!!

  2. Shona says:

    I have looked at these so many times. Molly has a bean bag that she sleep in during the day but heard so many good things about the PoddlePod. I thought £40 was a bit much for 6 months but the 6months to 3 years is much better value.

  3. Mummy's Blog says:

    This is so interesting, my little one has been having lots of issues sleeping and recently we’ve found that putting a V pillow in her cot for her to lie on helps.I think this is more sensible though, will ask my hubby what he thinks of getting one x

  4. mummymelton says:

    I agree it is quite a bit of money, I definitely think the Toddle Pod is great value for money, you are going to get much more use out of it. It’s a great product x

  5. Colette B says:

    Amy loved her poddle pod when she was little but outgrew it quickly.She’s definitely finding her afternoon sleeps harder so perhaps this is something I should consider investing in.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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