Things I’m looking forward to when I have our baby

Now I’m in the 3rd trimester my thoughts have naturally turned to the birth

3rd trimester

I’m now into the 3rd trimester

I can’t wait for our appointment at the end of June to find out our date for the section, I feel a little bit in limbo not knowing when it’s going to be

I’ve also been thinking about what I’m looking forward to once the baby arrives

1. Holding him

I know that probably sounds obvious but I can’t wait to see him & have him in my arms

2. Eating what I want

Yes this is selfish of me but god I miss eating what I like.  I miss Brie (not that I even ate that much) and I love my seafood which I am always reluctant to eat when I’m pregnant.  I also love pate, again I don’t eat much of it but it’s the option.  I went up to Glasgow with my mum at the weekend & nearly asked for something that came with Haggis, until I remembered I can’t eat that

3. Drinking what I want – yes I mean alcohol

I worry I sound like an alcoholic when I say this but I look forward to having a gin or a wine or prosecco.  There’s been lots going on in recent months that have had my friends & family celebrating & I’m on the lemonade.  There was also a massive thing with work that I would loved to have celebrated with my team with some bubbles but I couldn’t.  Yes I know you don’t need alcohol for these things or to have a good time but I would just like a little tipple

4. Being able to bend

I’m now at the stage where I can’t bend over.  I make funny noises when I move too.  I look forward to being fully mobile again

5. Lose the waddle

Kind of linked with the above but I now waddle everywhere! I can’t do anything fast & I get out of breathe when I try.

6. Get back running

I’ve missed running quite a bit.  I find it a great way to de-stress & have missed that outlet.

7. Be able to sleep

Now I know this is a bit of a daft one as with a newborn here’s no way we are going to have a good night sleep but I am SO uncomfortable at the moment.  No matter how I lie I wake up several times in the night needing to re-position myself

8. Breastfeeding

I really hope I can do it this time round

9. No more back pain

Again I’m not sure how realistic this is but I can’t sit for a long time without getting pain, if I walk too much I get pain.  I’m just fed up of being sore

10. Not feeling like a whale

Everyone keeps commenting on how big my bump is, although i don’t feel overly massive, thefact everyone keeps going on about it does get to me.  I also feel like I look frumpy & horrid in any clothes I wear


I can’t wait for our little man to arrive.  The most important thing is that he is healthy & well

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