The Sleep Thief

Mini M has always been an early riser

He never sleeps past 7.30, his usual rising time is about 5.30-6

Recently he’s been waking up about 4.30

Mr M & I both work full time, I generally work 12 hour shifts

The early mornings are starting to have a toll on us, we’re walking zombies

My mum has suggested getting one of the Gro Clocks but I’m really not sure it would work, I think Mini M is still too young to understand hat that means

I don’t know what else to do though

He has blackout curtains so it’s not that he’s being woken by the daylight

We have the GroEgg in his room as well as his monitor which tells us the temperature so we know it isn’t too hot or too cold

He goes to bed at 8pm, I don’t really want him going to bed any later

When he is at nursery during the week he doesn’t nap, which baffles us as he must be shattered!

He will nap on a weekend, usually on a Saturday after swimming as he’s tired himself out

He sleeps in a sleeping bag with feet holes so he can walk around.  We’ve put toys in his room so he has things he can play with but he chooses to come (generally crying) to our room

When we ask him why he is crying he can’t tell us.  We check if he’s wet (generally he is dry), we ask if he’s had a bad dream, we ask him what’s wrong but all we get is wailing of “I want daddy/mummy”

The tiredness is having an impact on us, I feel my tolerance level is less & I’m ratty

Mr M just spends all his time yawning

I really want to get to the bottom of whatever is causing the problems

tired mum

Is your little one a sleep thief?

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  1. Charlene says:

    Have you tried an earlier bedtime? I’ve heard this works for some people. Is he really awake or sleepy – like if you pull him in with you will he go back to sleep? I read this thing once about some children waking at the end of a sleep cycle so if you wake them up at eleven they should start a new cycle and sleep later. It worked for us…until the next regression 😉

  2. Sarah HP says:

    Bless you what a nightmare you must be so tired. I must admit that on a couple of occasions I’ve slept on the floor next to my twins cots just so they will settle and do we can all get some rest.

  3. Lizzie firstooth says:

    My youngest is certainly a sleep thief and occasionally my little boy joins us in the night. I really feel for you its awful feeling so tired. The only thing that we found that worked was to silently put them back to bed over and over again until they realised that getting up in the night was pretty boring. I hope you all get sleep soon!

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