The Separation Anxiety phase

We’re currently going through the separation anxiety phase big time

If either of us walks out of the room he goes into meltdown mode, you’d think the world was ending. There’s proper tears

He even cries when his brother leaves the room to go to the loo, which if you have a pre-schooler you’ll know is about every 10 minutes with the amount he drinks & the fact he has to go as soon as he has the urge, even if it’s a dribble (that’s a whole other post right there!)

It’s hard to try get anything done. He doesn’t care that there’s someone else in the room, he’ll crawl over to the gate, stand up & rattle it like mad bawling his eyes out

Don’t even think of popping your head round the door to say you’re still there & it’s ok as that just makes the wailing worse

Mr M did keep picking him up but he turns into a bucking bronco wanting the other person & it was killing his back so that’s stopped now. We try to distract him with toys or sing songs, sometimes it works sometimes not

At night he will cry when he goes to bed, Mr M was continually going into his room to reassure him but it was constant so we now leave him. I have to admit it makes you feel like the worse parent ever leaving your child to cry but he only does it for a few minutes then he’s asleep

When we drop him at nursery we give him a kiss & hand him to the staff, they will then distract him so we leave

I know it’s only a phase but I’ll be glad when we’re through it. It’s awful seeing him in a state, he’s such a happy boy the rest of the time

I don’t remember Mini M being as bad but then you forget about things that happened (if it wasn’t for his baby book I wouldn’t have a clue when he did certain things)

What did you do to get through the Separation anxiety phase?

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