The school uniform debacle

Mini M starts school in a few weeks.

That’s traumatic enough for me but there’s also the school uniform debacle

We’ve got him some trousers & short sleeve shirts but this weekend we will have to bite the bullet & get the rest of his uniform

By that I mean we will have to go to the 1 shop that sells the badged items

It’s ridiculous!!

I don’t remember all this when I was at primary school

We had a tie & that was it

Mini M has to get a tie & a school badged jumper

He then has to have a book bag. I know the idea of this was so that all kids are the same but I could buy a cheap bag in primark!

Then we get to the pe kit, this needs to be badged but he needs an outdoor & indoor pe kit! Surely if the weather’s bad he won’t be doing pe outside!!

I’ve heard people say their school uniform has cost over £200 and I have to admit I thought they were crazy but now I see why

Do the kids really need all this badged stuff?? And if so why is it only available from one place?

I’ve got friends all over the country & everyone is the same, one friends little boy even has to have a badged polo shirt which he has to wear under his badged jumper!

Do you have the same problem at your school?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I hate all the uniform with badges on. It all costs a fortune.
    At primary school my girls had to have the badged polo shirts under the jumper with the badges on. Ugh!
    Now my girls are at secondary school I’ve just had to buy my youngest all new for year 7. Then in year 9 I have to buy a blazer and different ties. A full uniform for my girls could easily cost £200 each.

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