The dreaded tummy bug

I’ve been a bit quiet as Baby M has had gastroenteritis

It started last Wednesday night and he still isn’t quite 100% himself.

He was last sick on Sunday and his last poosplosion was Monday

He didn’t understand what was happening.  He wanted to eat but he didn’t know what he wanted, then he would have a little something and bring it straight back up

I’ve dettoled and steamed every where but I’m sure I can still smell vomit!

He has been very cuddly, he has had more naps that usual but I think he has just been so drained by it all

Of course this is one of the joys of nursery, they pick up everything!

The past day or so we’ve just been giving him little and often, making sure he has plenty of fluids

Hopefully he is now over the worst of it and we can get our happy smiley boy back

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