Swimming Update – our 2 little swimmers

We’re nearing the first chapter of our Water Babies journey

Baby M has come on so much since he started.

We no longer have tears when we do underwater swims & he’s started kicking at times when swimming. He does not like going on his back though!!! His brother was the same so I’m sure in time he will be fine

This weekend Mini M also started swimming at our local YMCA.

He enjoyed it in parts but at the end he was a little overwhelmed & started to cry

He needs to build up his confidence as it’s been nearly a year since he stopped swimming

He also needs to listen!

After the tears he said he didn’t want to go back. We had a chat with him after about why & whether he’d enjoyed being in the pool. He said he enjoyed being in the water but said he cried as he wanted to go home. He’s agreed to try again so we will see how he gets on next week. He has always been in the pool with one of us so that’ll be something for him to get used to as well

I don’t want to be a pushy parent but I do think swimming is an important skill. I just want them both to be safe in the water & have fun

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