Stop aiming for perfection

Unfortunately life isn’t perfect, no matter how hard we try to aim for it well never attain perfection

I’ve been trying to give the boys a perfect life

I’ve been getting angry & upset when that has happened

I want the boys to have every opportunity available to them, to try everything & to have the love they deserve

My mum & dad worked so hard when we were younger to make sure we had things & could go places. I have that same mentality. Both Mr M & I have good jobs but we’ve worked bloody hard to get there & there’s been some sacrifices made along the way but now we’re reaping the benefit of the hard work

However we work to live & not live to work, I’ve been headhunted for jobs earning double what I’m on now but they’d pretty much take over my life, no amount of money or job is worth sacrificing time with my boys

Any time we have off work is spent doing things as a family. Any annual leave is spent going places & the boys having fun. We’re not going to spend valuable time off doing something the boys won’t enjoy

I want the boys to have things but I want them to know the value of things

I want the boys to have relationships with their family, we never had very close relationships with our cousins or extended family growing up as we lived far away, not that our lives were worse off for not having those relationships to be honest. I didn’t want that for the boys but it’s been 4.5 years & I now know things are unlikely to change how they have been & it’s not likely those relationships will change, on both sides of our family, so I’m stopping getting worked up about it. If they just see people at family events then that’s how it is. The boys won’t know any different & their lives won’t be worse off for not having those relationships because the people who are in their lives regularly love & cherish them more than they could ever need

Social media is a great thing but it’s also a not so good thing. I’m an oversharer (probably why I love blogging!). I post a lot of photos of the boys & our family time. I know there are people that judge me for that. I try to balance the good & the not so great but to be honest when the not so great times are happening I’m usually shouting, counting to 5 or explaining to a 4 year old why doing some dangerous thing is dangerous. I’m not thinking of videoing it or taking photos as a momento of me loosing my shit!

So yes I do share the good.

I need to stop worrying about those people & how they judge me. Let them live in their little stalker judgey bubble. Mr M keeps telling me they’re not worth it & it’s their problem, he’s right I know

Our life isn’t perfect but as long as OUR BOYS are happy & they know they have a Mummy & Daddy who love them so so much that’s all that matters.

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