Spending time with friends

I haven’t got millions of friends

Even on Facebook I think I’ve less than 150 friends on there

I’ve been burnt in the past. People who I thought were friends were not

No one is perfect, myself included but I don’t like people who judge from their ivory tower

I have friends who I see when I can but we understand that life is busy so don’t get upset if the other person has to re-arrange or it’s a while before we meet up

I went to a Prosecco Festival last weekend with one of my good friends. We had a blast! We had a catch up & a good giggle, mixed in with prosecco & Gin.

My friend is a bit of a lightweight but we stayed out for 5 & half hours. It’ll probably be a few months til I see her again but that’s ok

Next weekend I’m off out for a meal with work. I’m looking forward to it but I’ll also be making sure I don’t make a tit of myself. It’s my first work do.

In August we’re going to Glasgow for the day with Mini M to see dinosaurs. My longest & best friend lives there so meeting her for lunch

We can go a year or 2 sometimes without seeing each other but when we do it’s like we’ve never been apart. We text each other all the time but those times we meet up are brilliant.

I’ve also got a friend who lives near my in laws, we only see each other when we go up there, which to be honest hasn’t been for about a year & half. She has 3 boys so we try to do something with them.

Again we don’t see each other very often but when we meet up again it’s like it’s been days not years since we last saw each other

I enjoy spending time with my friends but at the same time any spare time I have is spent with Mr M & the boys doing family stuff. It’s lovely to have that girl time every so often & it’s important to me to have friends who understand that life happens.

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