Sleep Deprivation – it’s torture

Before becoming a parent I used to think I was tired – I wasn’t!!

They say that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, I can see why, it makes you feel awful & you don’t know what day it is or even your name!

Mini M was a terrible sleeper, he would cry lots & we were so tired. Then he turned a corner & slept. Don’t get me wrong, he still gets up at ridiculous o’clock – usually between 530 & 630 but we had kind of got used to that

Then along came Baby M

It’s definitely harder with 2! People said to me when I was pregnant that going from 1 to 2 is hard, apparently it’s harder than going from 2 to 3. We’ll never know as we aren’t having anymore!

Baby M isn’t a crier like his brother but he is so unsettled!

When people ask “does he sleep?” I want to smack them in the face!! NO HE DOES NOT!!

Then you get the delightful people with their “my child slept all night from a month old!” – whoop-de-fucking-doo for you!!! Now get out of my sight before I do/say something you won’t like!

He’s only 4 months old so I don’t expect miracles but more than a few hours a night would be lovely!

What annoys me is people giving their “advice”. “Have you tried X? What about Y?” – trust me when I say we’ve tried EVERYTHING!! Nothing works!!! We do something one night & he sleeps for 4hrs, the next night we do EXACTLY THE SAME & he’s awake every bloody hour!

It’s having an impact on us, we’re both so tired we barely function through the day at times. Moods are low at times & shouting occurs often. It’s not nice & it’s not the type of parents we want to be

I know it’s a phase, I know it’s not forever, I know he’s still only little but right this moment in time that doesn’t help – we just want sleep!

He’s such a happy baby if we could just sort out the sleep at night everything would be great!

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