School worries

It’s not long until Mini M starts school

We’ve started buying bits & bobs like socks & trousers.

We’ve noticed a change in Mini M’s behaviour since all the talk about school

He’s not listening & being silly more than usual but the biggest change is he’s started saying he doesn’t want to go to nursery

This isn’t like him at all as he loves nursery

We spoke to his key worker at nursery & she said they’ve noticed he’s been a lot more emotional, if he can manage something first time he will start to cry, rather than try again

She said it’s common at this stage for there to be a change as they are confused a out what’s happening & unsure about what school means

We talk about school but explain there is nothing to worry about & that he will like it. He’s apparently been asking at nursery if he is naughty will he get a cuddle or be able to hold the teachers hand

He has done so well at nursery & he’s such a clever boy

Hopefully once he gets to school he will enjoy it as much as he has nursery

We just have to weather the storm & support him the best we can

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