How safe is your home?

I was contacted by Corgi to ask whether I would be interested in their new website regarding appliance safety in the home

CORGI HomePlan are campaigning for every home to have their own CO detector

This is a topic which is important to us as we had friends last year who suffered from Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Every year in the UK, more than 200 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, and around 40 people die. Small children and the elderly are most at risk

Our friends had a faulty gas fire.

They had been reporting feeling unwell, sick with bad headaches.  These symptoms would ease when they left the house.  They had their appliances checked and it turned out their gas fire was faulty.

They were lucky they caught it early.  Some people aren’t so luck

Carbon monoxide is odourless so you can’t smell it, unlike when you have a gas leak you can smell gas.

Corgi have created a website to make sure families are aware of the dangers their gas appliances

It talks through the dangers from your boiler, cookers, gas fires and also talks about your electrics.

Each month there is a Tip of the Month – this month talks you through bleeding your radiator.

You can buy Carbon monoxide alarms for varying prices.  Everyone has a smoke alarm, why not a Carbon monoxide alarm?  It is a silent killer

Check out the website for information on you can make sure your appliances are safe


Do you have a Carbon monoxide detector?


Disclosure: I have no been paid for this post.  Views are my own

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