Running in 2018

I really enjoy running, I find it a great way to relieve stress as well as to get fit. I need to lose some weight since having Baby M too

I’ve been in the gym since having Baby M but I haven’t been running properly, that’s all about to change

This week I’m going to get out & get running

Since we’ve moved I need to find a good route, I’ve had a look on Google maps & think I’ve found a route to start with

My brother & I have signed up to run a half marathon in May to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society – we chose this charity due to the fact our Gran has been diagnosed Alzheimer’s Disease.

Having a goal is good as it gives me something to focus on & means I will go out running. I’m going to look for a 10km locally in April & another one later in the year maybe September time

I’m going to record my running journey on my blog so keep an eye out for updates

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