I don’t really do new year resolutions – mainly because I don’t stick to them!

2017 has been a great year, we’ve had a lovely year as a family as well as welcoming Baby M

It has also shown me that life is too short, you never know what is round the corner – planning is good but so is enjoying the here & now

It’s also shown me that leopards don’t change their spots & people are generally interested in themselves

So for 2018 we will be enjoying time as a family & making memories

We’ve got some lovely trips planned throughout the year but we will also be enjoying the day to day time together too. Hopefully trying some new things along the way. Our boys will always be the most important people to us

I’m terrible for worrying about pleasing others & worry about upsetting them but then they don’t seem bothered about negative impact of their behaviour. So in 2018 there will be no more worrying about what other people think, only focusing on what & who is best for us as a family

I’m still going to be setting my monthly bucket list & goals

Do you set resolutions? Do you stick to them?

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