Relax they say!!


I’m now 31 weeks pregnant

Everyone keeps telling me to relax, not to stress

I know what they are saying is true but it’s also starting to really cheese me off

How exactly am I supposed to relax??

I have a very demanding & often very stressful job, I love my job that’s not the issue & everyone at work has been fantastic, but it is what it is & it can be stressful

With knowing I’ve only got a small amount of time before I go off on maternity leave & not quite knowing how long I will be off there has been quite a bit of stress on top of the usual stress

Then there’s the weekends, when exactly am I supposed to relax??

When I was pregnant before I could lounge on the sofa. ┬áBy this point I’d actually been signed off work sick as my back was so bad I couldn’t move

This time round we have a 3 year old

He doesn’t understand mummy is in pain, he doesn’t understand mummy is growing a small human so is shattered

He sees his own wants & demands, that’s all he is bothered about

Mr M has been brilliant but I can see he gets fed up at times and I have to step in to keep the peace

So when the midwife tells me to relax to help with the pains I’m getting I know she is right but I also know realistically it’s just isn’t going to happen!!

I will continue to plod on & grab snippets of time to myself whenever it’s possible


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