Ready for the end….

I’m now 38 weeks pregnant

38 week bump

I’m ready for little man to arrive

I’ve been having really bad pains in my back, in particular on my left side

This is the side I had all the issues with Mini M & to be honest this pregnancy it hasn’t been too bad but now it’s so sore

I have a sciatica like pain which just won’t shift

I wear a heat pack all day & have been having baths to try to ease the pain

Mr M has also been giving me massages when it get really bad

At night, to sleep, I have to take paracetamol.  It helps for a little while but then I’m in agony again

I seem to be waking at 3am most nights & then really struggle to get back to sleep.  I go to bed with a hot water bottle that isn’t water but beads that you put in the microwave

I’m so tired & fed up

My bump is also a bit wonky with him seeming to prefer the left, which again doesn’t help

wonky bump

Wonky bump

I love feeling him wriggling about & I can’t wait to meet him & I know I shouldn’t wish the time away but I’m very ready to meet him now


How did you manage those last few weeks of pregnancy?

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  1. Jenny @thebrickcastle says:

    I think you just have to keep hold of the vision of you meeting the baby. And know that it is limited, it won’t go on forever. It is really hard at the end – I think as soon as you stop being scared of the birth and just want it to happen, you really are ready to go. I hope it doesn’t get too hot for you and that your little one decides a few days early is a good idea xx and I hope the Labour and birth go better than you hope x

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