Promotion to Big Brother

All through my pregnancy we tried to keep Mini M as involved as possible.  He came with us to the first private scan we had at 9 weeks then again to the first NHS scan at 12 weeks.  We also took him to the 4D scan

We talked about the baby & how he was going to be a big brother.  Nursery were also great & did lots of work with him about a baby coming

I was still worried about how he was going to react as he is used to being by himself & everything being about him

When I had Baby M, Mr M went home and told Mini M he was a big brother, he seemed really excited.  That day he wore his “Promoted to Big Brother” t-shirt to nursery & he was telling all his friends he was a big brother

big brother

Proud Big Brother

That afternoon when I got home he was a little nervous but wanted to hold the baby & was saying his name

To be honest he has been brilliant

He wants to help with feeding & when we are changing Baby M’s nappy he will get items we need for us

helping to feed

Helping daddy with feeding

He loves helping with the bath too

He is always asking if he can hold the baby

brothers hugs

Brotherly love

He is being naughty & I would say there has been a slight increase in tantrums.  I feel like I am shouting at him a lot, which I feel awful about.  I don’t want him to feel like he isn’t loved now the baby is here but he also needs to know when he is being naughty

We are trying to include him but also do things just him

mummy & boys

So proud of my boys

We are taking it in turns to give him a bath so that’s time just us & him.  He went to the Jurassic Kingdom event at the weekend with friends & he absolutely loved it so we made a fuss about that.  He loves the zoo so we are hoping to go as a family & make a fuss about him.  Plus it’s the Blackpool Airshow at the weekend so Mr M is going to take him to that, special daddy time


How did you adapt to a new baby?  How did you child manage with becoming the older sibling?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! It sounds like he is doing so well. It’s such a big change when a new baby comes along. It sounds like you are doing everything right. When my youngest came along my eldest was a bit naughtier than usual. I think it’s quite normal. It passes.
    Lovely photos. Your boy looks like a great big brother x

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