Primary School Application

It still doesn’t seem right that we’ve been looking at Primary Schools

Time seems to have flown by, surely our little man can’t be ready to go to school!!?

He absolutely loves nursery & I know he’s going to be heartbroken leaving. Plus none of his closest nursery friends live in the same area as us so he won’t be going to school with any of them either

It wasn’t until we started to look into schools that we realised how many primary schools there are near us! There’s a lot! We went to see 6!

It’s such a huge decision!

There was one which we loved but they only take 30 pupils & there seemed to be a lot of siblings at the open evening so we’ve put that as our second choice

The first choice school we weren’t even going to see after hearing mixed opinions but I’m really glad we went to see it. We couldn’t make the open evening so made an appointment with the head teacher, I’m glad we did as she spent time with Mini M as well as answering all our questions. We felt like it was a great fit for Mini M & had everything we were looking for. They were also investing money & making improvements which we liked

Our third choice was a big school! They have an intake of 60 (not the biggest in the area though as another school has an intake of 90! We felt that was too big for Mini M). It didn’t have the same feeling as the other schools.

We wanted a smaller school for Mini M. It was important to us that they have different activities & sports & music for his to try. Languages were also something we wanted him to do.

Our application is in! Now we have to wait to hear if we got the school we want.

When I was little I lived in a small town for my primary school years – there was 1 school! You didn’t really choose & all the kids knew each other. When I was in my last year of school we loved to a bigger town, there were 2 primary schools in our area & 3 high schools in the whole town.

There seems to be so much choice now, I suppose that can be both a good & bad thing

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