A Positive of Nursery

There has been much debate recently in the press and on social media about the cost of childcare

We put Mini M in nursery 4 days a week with Mr M and I alternating taking a Monday off

Our fees are more than our rent!

It is also a reason why we won’t have another child any time soon, the cost of having 2 little ones in nursery would cripple us

There are however positives to Mini M going to nursery

He loves it for a start

His social skills have come on leaps and bounds and he is very vocal

He has to learn to share with other children.  Nursery report that he has a friend that he spends a lot of time with and the 2 of them hold an end of a snake each and walk up and down nursery together (how cute!)

He learns from coping the older children as well

He loves Old MacDonald at the moment and will constantly sing “E, I, E, I, O”

We bought him some soft farm animals to help him relate which animals make which sound

At nursery he has worked with his keyworker to develop a farm animal collage



Yes nursery costs a fortune but I am really glad and proud of how much he is learning


Does your little one go to nursery?





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  1. Emilyandindiana says:

    I completely agree nursery is far too expensive, I have to work weekends as we just couldn’t afford it! She adores it though and cries when she has to leave haha. I wish it would improve her sharing though! Xx

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    The prices of nursery have skyrocketed recently but I think like you say it’s important for your little ones to go as often as you can afford to make sure that they get the social development needed. It’s also a great lead onto primary school as usually they end up with their friends from playgroup too. Popping in from Magic Moments.

  3. dohigh says:

    Nursery is amazing! JB has been going since he was 8 months old. Everyone we meet comment on his speech, his manners, and his imagination. They think he’s a 4yo, when in fact he’s 2.

    He loves going to see his friends, and I get two days to relax and blog.

    Come the winter he will qualify for the governments 15 hour/week. We will then give him an extra day each week, and halve our fees in the process.

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    we are in the same boat, although we dont have as many days in nursery at the moment we did find Joshua being in nursery really did help him no end with his learning 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  5. FromMummytoMum says:

    Aww Mini M is definitely benefiting from nursery. None of my children are in nursery but I have worked in nurseries and know the benefits of them, we unfortunately couldn’t afford to even with me going back to work! But I think they are amazing for any child!

  6. ToddlerFoot says:

    My little started going to nursery 1 morning a week when she was 18 months old and hated it! Really couldn’t settle so on the advice of her keyworker there we increased it to 2 mornings until she started to enjoy it. She loves going so much now we can’t bring ourselves to reduce it back down and I do think its really bringing on her development. I agree its not cheap and is definitely stalling baby number 2. Little Miss won’t get her 15 free hours until next September so will be nearly 3.5 years old too

  7. Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life says:

    i have had to put off returning to work as paying full time nursery fees for two little ones was going to be more then i would earn at work. I know my toddler would love nursery though so we are looking into putting her in one day a week later in the year x

  8. Katie @mummydaddyme says:

    It is really hard isn’t it? Both mine go to nursery, they both go two long mornings a week 9-2 and then my eldest goes one extra day 9-2 to get her more ready for school. It is expensive but we obviously do it because we work and we have too as unfortunately no one else can have them. But like you say, they absolutely love it, and I think it teaches them so much too. I know I am very lucky to be in a position to work for myself so we are pretty flexible. x

  9. Leandra Bramham says:

    Nursery fees are ridiculous T has been at nursery 4 days a week since he was 5 months and whilst id like to be able to cut my working down to 2 1/2 days, its not possible in my current job I’m so pleased that we have a nursery which we trust and T loves, so pleased that it’s working out for you too.

    thanks for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  10. becky says:

    Its nice to read something positive about nursery as everything is always so negative. As a nursery nurse (well ex nursery nurse!) it makes me real sad that we don’t get any recognition for all the hard work that is put in. No one sees all the behind the scenes work, the blood sweat and tears that goes into it all. Its a highly stressful job actually and what nobody realises? Is that almost every weekend and every evening you spend filling in paperwork its definitly a job you have to love because you definitly take it home with you!

    Anyway enough of my ranting…thanks for such a positive post X


  11. mummymelton says:

    we don’t have family nearby so we have no choice but to put him in nursery, I am so glad he enjoys it, i think that makes all the difference. I’m glad the girls enjoy going too xx

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