Planning a December birthday – it’s tricky!

It’s Mini M’s 4th birthday in December. It’s so hard to plan what to do

My brother also has his birthday in December (he’s the 20th!) and he’s hated it! I remember when we were little he’d complain he couldn’t do some thing he wanted

Now with Mini M we are having the same problem. Luckily it’s nearer the start of the month than my brother’s!

Some things are closed during winter months – there’s a Dinosaur world near my parents which we know he’d love but it’s shut until April

Other things are solely focussed on Christmas & meeting Santa – we want his birthday to be separate from Christmas, we don’t even put our decorations up until after his birthday.

We could have a party at the house but the kids would be trapped inside which means more mess everywhere

We also have to take the weather into account – do we risk booking a more outside thing to do like the zoo or look for something indoors

My brother used to also get upset when he got joint birthday & Christmas presents – my birthday is in July so I never got that. It’s something we are going to try to avoid with Mini M

Everyone else is focused on Christmas, to me birthdays are so much more important as it’s the day you were born, the day you came into the world! We will always try to give him a ‘bigger’ present for his birthday than Christmas

No matter what we decide to do we will make sure he has a fantastic day! It’d just be nice to have a few more options

Do you know someone with a December birthday? How do you celebrate winter birthdays?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    One of my friends son has his birthday on Dec 20th. I always make a point of wrapping his present in birthday wrapping paper and not Christmas paper to make is special for him because you are right everyone focuses on Christmas. x

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