Parenting is not a competition

I’m one of those parents who posts every little update about their child

I have milestone cards for Baby M & I love them. I have however forgotten to use them at times

I’m not doing that to compete or show my kids are better than anyone else’s – I’m doing it because I’m a bloody proud parent

I hate baby groups – every one I’ve been to is about one up manship. Not my thing

My posting updates about my boys is not about competing with other kids it’s about them

I’m proud that Baby M can crawl

I’m proud that Mini M can count to 100

I’m proud that Baby M can clap

I’m proud that Mini M can say insects in French

I am not comparing them to Sally, Timmy or Bobby

People need to remember that every child is unique!! Mini M had no interest in moving, he didn’t crawl until he was about 9 months old. Baby M is totally different & just wants to get going. Mini M is such a clever boy in some areas but try to get him to write his name is such a chore

They’re both unique

I want to support & cheer them on in everything they do, I’m their mum

I don’t care what other people think, whether my supporting my boys upsets them, annoys them or makes them happy

Parenting is not a competition

It’s not about comparing what other children are doing, or not doing

It’s about celebrating & embracing what YOUR child is doing

I will always be proud of my boys & I will shout it from the rooftops

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