Our unexpected visit to Alder Hey

Baby M has had a bit of a tricky time since his first birthday

The day before we noticed a red mark on his bottom

As the days past the red mark turned into a lump which kept getting bigger

I phoned 111 at the weekend & they sent us to Urgent Care who prescribed antibiotics

It wasn’t getting better & by Wednesday I knew he needed to be seen by the Dr so I called the GP & got an appointment

As soon as the GP saw it he sent us up to the Children’s Assessment Ward at the hospital

They were ready for us when we arrived & he was seen by an SHO, who to be honest didn’t seem to know or be confident in what she was doing so we next saw the consultant. He told us it was an abscess.

He said he could put IV antibiotics in place but he wanted the surgeon to have a look at it, he thought it needed operating on

The surgeon came to see us, he confirmed it needed operating on & that we need to go to Alder Hey.

A few calls were made while we waited. I thought we’d be told to go home & go to Alder Hey in the morning

They came back to use saying there was a bed at Alder Hey & we had to go now.

Even as we were leaving the hospital the nurse on charge said she hadn’t expected this outcome when we’d arrived

So we popped to McDonald’s drive thru for some food as Mr M is type 1 diabetic & hadn’t eaten since lunch then went through to Alder Hey

When we arrived at A&E they were expecting us, they took some observations then we were taken up to the ward

The surgeon came to see us within 10 minutes. He had a look & confirmed it needed operating on urgently. Unfortunately Baby M had some toast at the hospital as we didn’t realise he was going to have surgery & he was hungry so the nurses made some toast, that mean he had to wait a bit before the operation.

We TRIED to get some sleep, I think I had about 4 hours broken sleep

Then the anaesthetist came to see us at 7am & the next thing we knew he was getting prepped for surgery. He was taken down about 8.30.

Due to his age he needed a general anaesthetic

He was very sleepy most of the morning after he came back

Then he woke for lunch & went back to sleep

He was still his usual smiley self when he woke up

We tried to get some sleep but it isn’t easy

Then we were told we could go home 🎉🎉

Because of where the abscess was we have to keep changing the dressing. He also needs to have a bath twice a day for the next few days

They said that hopefully it’s a one off but they sent a sample of the pus to the lab just in case

The staff both at home & at Alder Hey were fantastic

Everything was so quick & the communication was brilliant, we always knew what was going on

As great as they were though, I hope we don’t have to go back!

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