Our trip to Greenlands Farm Village

Greenlands Farm Village is outside Carnforth, about 45 minutes drive from us

We’ve been meaning to go for ages but never got round to it

We decided before Mini M went back to school we would visit, helped also by the fact they were doing half price entry

Greenlands Farm Village has an open farm as well as a playbarn (which you have to pay a little extra to go in) a tea room, cafe & farm shop

First we went around the farm.

The boys absolutely loved it! Baby M was asleep when we first got there but woke up shortly after we arrived

There are animals such as pigs, goats & Lenny the dog roaming free when you walk in

There is also a small animal area where rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets are free and you are able to pick them up. There’s a member of staff keeping an eye on everything. Mini M loved the ferrets, one got rather cosy in his hood

There is also a reptile area with tortoise, snakes, bearded dragon & mice. Again there is a member of staff present to inform you of what the animals like & to help the children to hold them. Mini M was excited to hold the snake & a mouse again took a fancy to his hood

Then we wandered round the rest of the farm, there were various types of goats, sheep & chickens. There were also donkeys which the children could ride between 11-12

There were 2 cows, one called Golden who mooed quite loudly and frightened Baby M

Both boys were fascinated by the sheep in the paddocks.

A rather cheeky Alpaca kept wanting food from the boys

Baby M currently loves ducks so he was squealing with glee at the ducks & geese

Once we went round the farm we popped into the playbarn & let the boys burn off some more energy for 40 minutes. They both enjoyed it. The food selection was pretty basic so we went to the Wellies cafe for lunch. The food was delicious. We popped into the farm shop, it isn’t huge but they have local meat, eggs & cheese if you want to buy any

Normal admission prices are:- Under 2 years old – FREE, Child 2 years + – £7 each, Adults – £6 each, Mega pass for Playbarn & Farm £9.50, Playbarn alone £5. You can also get an annual pass for £40 per person

We got in for half price due to a special post Christmas sale

We spent a good 4 hours there and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will definitely be back

Disclaimer: I have no received anything for this post, I am sharing our day out as we had a great time

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