Our poorly boy

Things have been a bit manic oder the past week

Our littlest man has been in Alder Hey again

He was admitted last Tuesday and had a further surgery

This time they found a fistula so the wound is much much bigger

He was so distressed when he came round from the anaesthetic & still now cries every time he has a poo & when you change his nappy he’s clearly in a lot of pain

It’s heartbreaking to watch.

We’re keeping up with his pain relief and change his dressing after every poo. He also has a salt bath in morning and before bed

That’s not all

On Tuesday last week we we noticed a couple of spots around his scrotum

By Wednesday he had some on his tummy, face and back

Thursday more, Friday he had blisters in his mouth

The nurse who came to check his wound sent us up to the hospital as she was concerned about his wound. We were seen by a Dr who confirmed he had hand, foot & mouth. Great!! The surgeon came to see his wound and was really happy with it so sent us home

His spots are a bit scratchy and scabbing over.

I can’t believe how happy he’s been. He’s still playing & shouting at his brother. He’s such an absolute star

I just hope that the follow up appointment with the consultant helps us to find out what’s going on & why this keeps happening

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