Our love of Disney

I love Disney.  I have been brought up with Disney

Mini M loves Disney too

He is currently obsessed with Lion King & Jungle Book

We watch one of them every day, or at least he asks to watch one every day

He is funny when he watches them, even though we could act them out he still asks lots of questions.

He is particularly focused on who is good & who is bad.  He doesn’t like it when someone good gets into trouble

He asks a lot of questions, especially about different animals.

He loves singing all the songs, he even asks Alexa to play them

We have also been expanding his repertoire.  Mr M has hardly watched any Disney (sheltered childhood clearly!) so he gets to share those first times with Mini M.  Baby M will watch when there is a song on & likes to dance along

We have watched The Little Mermaid, Moana, Beauty & The Beast, Up & Bolt. We have Wall-E, Monsters Inc, Aladdin, Aristocats & Finding Nemo still to watch from our collection

I would love to take the boys to Florida but next year we might take a trip to Disneyland in Paris.  We have friends who have been and loved it.

We love Disney

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