Our little mover

Baby M is a very determined little boy

I think with his big brother to follow he seems to be heading towards making certain milestones long before his brother did

At just under 4 months he rolled over

Now at just under 5 months he’s started commando crawling

He also loves standing & bouncing, his jumperoo is a firm favourite, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he stands & walks before he’s 1

He’s also fascinated by food & has started to try to grab food

He’s growing up so quickly!!

He gets so frustrated when he can’t do something he’s trying to do

He’s been all over the living room floor but when he starts getting tired he has a tantrum with himself

The trouble will start when he wants to get to his brother’s toys or grabbing at the cat, we’ve already had a near tail pull incident

I’m so proud of how well he is progressing & he is determined & stubborn, I know he will achieve anything he puts his mind too

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