Our Half Term

Last week was half term, our first half term

Luckily my mum was also off for the week, which was a good support for me with both boys being at home

Mini M started half term by being Poppet of the week at his PQA Drama class.  This meant we got Pip the puppet for a week.  He was so happy

My mum & I decided to take the boys to see my grandparents at the start of the week.  My gran has dementia and every time we go she is a little more forgetful. My grandad loves playing with the boys, even if he is 91!  Mini M loves the stair lift

The next day we went to Blackpool Zoo.  We used our membership so it was a cheap day out.  The boys loved seeing the animals and Pip enjoyed himself too

On Wednesday we went to  Beacon Fell to do the Room on the Broom trail.  The map we were given was dire and didn’t even have the right places marked on it.  Mini M pretty much moaned the whole time so Wednesday was not a good day.  I felt we had tried really hard to think up fun things to do and he was being really ungrateful

On the Thursday we pottered around the house and went into our local town.  That night Mini M went to his swimming class & took Pip along

Mini M had drama again on Saturday and we took Pip back.  It was Halloween week so he enjoyed dressing up in his zombie outfit

On Sunday we went to Brockholes, which is our local nature reserve, to do their halloween trail.  The boys had a great time & it was lovely to have a day out as a family

Now it’s back to school.  We survived our first half term, there will be many many more

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