Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a magical time of year for children

Growing up I don’t remember that we had any huge traditions, just that we had to have our breakfast & get dressed before we were allowed to open presents.  With both my parents being nurses sometimes we had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day depending on what their shifts were

Mr M’s family have a tradition of pork pie for breakfast on Christmas morning, something he still continues

We wanted to have some family traditions, things we would do every year

On Christmas Eve we have a buffet tea, lots of party food.  There is enough cooking to going on for your Christmas meal so the night before it’s about relaxing as a family before the madness of Christmas day.  

The boys get a Christmas Eve box with Christmas pjs, we get matching pjs so we all have the same,this year we all have Santa ones from Asda, even my mum & dad have a pair.  In the Christmas Eve box is also some Christmas books & reindeer food.  The boys each have a plate with their name on to leave goodies for Santa & Rudolph

On Christmas morning the boys have their stockings in their room.  I am hoping this might keep Mini M entertained until a respectable hour but I don’t think they will be that lucky

We used to pick a present and you would give it to that person and then they would pick one from under the tree but with the boys having a lot more than us that doesn’t really work anymore.  It isn’t a free for all though and you have to watch each person open a present before you get your next one, mainly to try to limit the carnage

We all wear Christmas jumpers on Christmas Day. Last year we had my brother staying & he participated too, this year my folks have their jumpers

We usually eat about 2ish then it’s leftovers later if you are still peckish.  We don’t have Christmas pudding on Christmas Day as Mr M makes his homemade trifle, which is delicious!

As all our families live far away we don’t go visiting.  We have had family with us on Christmas Day since Mini M was born, it is much easier to have visitors then go to stay with others.  We Facetime or phone family who aren’t with us.  

Then it’s Christmas tv and a film for the boys

How to you celebrate Christmas?  Do you have any traditions?

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