Our Bank Holiday weekend

August Bank holiday weekend is the last bank holiday before Christmas

How depressing is that!!?

We went to my parents for the weekend, they live in South Scotland.

We were supposed to head up Friday but Mini M started being sick at 1am so we thought we’d give him the day to rest then head up Saturday

We left early (9am) and we were there just before 11am

We headed of to Gretna Gateway as my mum wanted to go to Sketchers & Mr M wanted a nosey in Superdry. I had a dress that needed taking back to Next too.

They had a summer garden set up so baby M enjoyed lounging there with Papa

We got back to my parents & took a photo of all of us on the road at their house. We did this when Mini M started walking so we had to repeat it with Baby M

As we finished taking photos I heard a voice call my name, there was my brother & his partner who’d left Glasgow to take the dog for a walk & decided half way to carry on to my parents!!

We went for a lovely walk along the coast then Mini M had them chasing him around the garden playing tig & hide and seek

Baby M enjoyed seeing them too although wasn’t as involved in the runningb around

On Sunday my mum, Mini M & I headed to Glasgow (again early) to see Walking with Dinosaurs at Secc. (Top tip if you’re going, the car park is an absolute nightmare & best avoided where possible!)

We left Mr M back at my folks with Baby M & Papa

We parked then got the train into the centre of Glasgow where we met my brother, his partner & my friend of 18 years

We went to Hamleys as my brother had (stupidly) promised Mini M he’d take him. Mini M was a bit overwhelmed to start with & he did have a little cry but once he found what he was looking for he was much happier. My friend & I looked at the Harry Potter section but wow it’s pricey!

Next we went to Vapiano for lunch. They cook your pasta as you stand there which was a really different experience.

Was great to have a good chat with my friend too

Then we headed to the Lego shop, gawked at all the Lego then we left everyone to get the train back to Walking with Dinosaurs

It was incredible! The dinosaurs were magnificent & Michaela Strachan was really good.

Mini M was in awe the whole way through

I’d definitely recommend it if you little one likes dinosaurs

We headed home, we hadn’t even left Glasgow when Mini M fell asleep

I woke him at about 630 when we got to a services for food. They had a McDonald’s & I was really surprised when Mini M said he just wanted fries. He’s never been to McDonald’s before but always talks about having a burger.

We got back to my parents tired but happy

On Monday Mr M & I headed to Aldi early to stock up on our Scottish produce like Lorne sausage & haggis before we headed home

The boys had a fantastic weekend with family & Mini M in particular was a very happy boy

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