Our baby is going to school

Today Mini M is having his first settling in session at school

How is our baby boy going to school already?!?

People tell you when you’re pregnant that time goes fast, you don’t really believe them, you just want that little bundle of joy in your arms

When they’re born people tell you again time goes fast & to enjoy those first moments, which you do but with the sleepless nights & the not knowing what the hell you’re doing you can’t imagine ever getting out of the baby phase

It’s incredible watching them grow. It’s the most amazing part of being a parent, supporting & watching your baby grow into a person, a little individual

Yes there are times you lose your shit

Yes there are times when you’ve answered “but why” every which way you can imagine & they still want more

Yes there are times you play hide & seek for the 15th time knowing that they will be in exactly the same hiding place they’ve been for the 14 previous times

But there are also times when they look at you with such pleasure because they can count to 10

Or the first time they get all the shapes in the right holes

Or the time they come home from nursery with star of the week recognising all their hard work

Mini M is definitely ready for school. He’s such a bright boy he’s ready for that next challenge

We’ll be there every step of the way with him but it doesn’t mean I won’t have a cry because my baby boy is growing up far too quickly

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