New running shoes and running attitude

I haven’t been running for 3 weeks.

If you read my blog regularly you will know I haven’t been feeling 100% lately.  My motivation has been rubbish and it’s been easier to make excuses not to go running than to kick myself and make myself go

I recently had a chat with a friend of mine who is also an Occupational Therapist.  She has got me to change my attitude towards my runs

The biggest thing that was stopping me was that I had got myself to 7 mile runs, this would take me just over an hour.  On bad days I just couldn’t get the motivation to run that long so I just wouldn’t go for a run.  What was the point of running less miles when I’d got to that distance?  I felt it would be a failure

She has got me to change my thinking.  It’s not about the distance.  It’s about going out for a run and enjoying it

Exercise is a great therapy.

You feel great afterwards, due to all the lovely endorphines rushing through your body.

So I went for a run, I ran for just under 30minutes on my first run.  I would have maybe run a little longer but my ipod battery had died and I didn’t have my tunes.  I find it really hard to run without music as it distracts me.  I don’t know the distance as my phone keeps crashing and it decided to turn itself off some point during my run.  It’s not about the distance though!

On my next run I ran for 45 minutes.

I am so pleased with my 2 runs this week, I plan to try and do 3 next week!

I also have new running shoes.


They are Brooks running shoes and I love them

When in Manchester last week I popped into the Sweatshop store.

I’ve had my running shoes for quite a while and I’ve noticed that my little toe goes numb when I do long runs.  Sweatshop carry out Gait Analysis in their stores.  I overpronate which means my foot and ankle turn outwards when I run.  I need a support trainer when running.  They molded special insoles to my feet as they are extra support for your foot (and an extra £45 if you decide to take them home).  I didn’t take the insoles as I didn’t notice any difference when running.

I noticed a difference on my first run.  I think it’s important to have to right footwear






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