My Valentine

Mr M & I don’t usually make a massive fuss about Valentines Day, we usually try to have a nice meal

Mr M’s birthday is also in February

This year I’m not with him as I’m on a training course with my new job

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say

It really does

I’m missing Mr M & the boys so much!

Mr M & I have been through quite a bit the past year but we’ve stayed strong for each other & we’ve helped each other through

I’ve had my wobbles & he’s had his but the most important thing has been that we’ve been strong together, a tight unit

Don’t get me wrong we bicker & argue but what couple doesn’t?!

My love grows for him every day & I’m so immensely proud to be his wife

Our love has also brought us our 2 gorgeous boys

I look forward to all the adventures that lie ahead but also want to enjoy the here & now!!

After everything we’ve been through one of the things we told each other is that we will enjoy the present as well as look to the future & my not being there for him the next 2 weeks makes me so sad

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