My new tattoos

I’ve been thinking about getting 2 tattoos for a while

A tattoo is permanent so whenever I want one I wait a little while to check I still like it

There’s been a few things happen in recent weeks to people we know, not good things. Terminal illness. Life really does throw curve balls, you really don’t know what is around the corner

So why put things off? Tomorrow might never come

Mr M wanted a tattoo too so we booked in to get them done

I chose an ALWAYS tattoo as I love the meaning behind the word & I’m a Harry Potter nut

I also chose a symbol which represents me & my 2 boys

Funnily the ALWAYS tattoo was more painful at the time

2 days later the symbol is the more achy one

I love them!!

I think they look really good & I’m glad I went ahead & got them done

We’re going to try to do things we want, do things that will make us happy.

Do things as a family

Life is short, do the things you want to – now!

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