My Love of all things Harry Potter

I am a Potterhead

I love all things Harry Potter

I have read the books more times than I can count

I love the films (apart from Prisoner of Azkaban as it is too different from the book & not in a good way)

I know my house – Gryffindor

I have many Harry Potter items in the house, most from Primark but I did buy a beautiful scarf from Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross

Much to Mr M’s disgust I dress the boys in Harry Potter related clothing, more Baby M than Mini M though

I have a Harry Potter Tattoo ( the other one represents me & the boys)

I’ve done a University of Magic escape room – it was amazing!

We went to see The Cursed Child in London – oh my goodness if you get the chance go as it is incredible.  Mr M even loved it

We went to the Studio Tour in London years ago but it has changed so much since then I would love to go back

One of our first trips away together was to Fort William and we stood under the Viaduct that the train goes over in the films.  When we were in Yorkshire this year we visited the station they used for Hogsmeade.  We’ve had flying lessons with Mini M at Alnwick Castle which they used for Hogwarts

I would LOVE to go to Universal Studios in Florida, need to save the pennies

Yesterday I went to see Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald – loved it by the way #ProtectTheSecrets

Yes I know I am a grown woman but I love the morals and messages within the stories

The books are so much more than just books to it’s fans

The stories remind us how powerful love is

The stories remind us that everyone has a choice, it is those choices that shape us

The stories show us that bravery comes in many forms, that it is important to face your fears and it’s ok to ask for help



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