My first Lytham Festival

Last night I went to the Lytham Festival for the first time

We’ve lived on the Fylde Coast now for nearly 9 years but have never been

Lytham Festival is a 5 night festival which takes place on Lytham Green. There’s always an electic selection of acts. It ends on Sunday with the Lytham Proms

Last night me, my brother & mum went to see Pat Sharp, Whigfield, Vengaboys & Steps

Pat Sharp was the DJ between each act. When I heard this is did think, Pat Sharp dj-ing is a bit random. He was actually really good & played lots of cheesy songs & got the crowd going

Next was Whigfield. Let’s be honest when you hear Whigfield you think Saturday Night! She sang quite a few songs but everyone was just waiting for the one song.

After another set from Pat Sharp it was time for the Vengaboys. My brother LOVED the Vengaboys when he was younger. He had the album so he was super excited when they came on. I could remember all the songs, the crowd loved them & they put on a really great show

The headline act was Steps

Again my brother loved them & we used to dance around our living room doing all the moves. The set definitely took me back to my youth & the crowd got involved doing all the dances. The big finale was Tragedy.

We had a brilliant night!! It took me back 20 years to dancing around with my brother & mum it was perfect that they were the people I enjoyed the night with. I would definitely go again

Disclaimer: I am writing this post as we had a fantastic night, this is not a sponsored post

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