My current TV shows

I love American TV shows.

To be honest I don’t watch much UK tv.  I’m so pleased that American shows are back this week

My brother is even more of a fan than me, I’m sure he has 40+ shows on his watch list

A few shows that I watched got cancelled at the end of last season and there are a few I have given up on.  Trust me that is hard

There are some new shows I am planning on watching this season

New Amsterdam

I quite like medical dramas (although not a Grey’s Anatomy fan, shock!).  This show is inspired by  the oldest public hospital in America and the new medical director (who played Liz’s husband in Blacklist)


This is a bit Lost like.  A plane takes off in 2012 and lands in 2018, no-one on the plane has aged and the plane didn’t land.  I’m interested to see where the story goes

Magnum P.I

This is a remake of Magnum, can it like the original or better?

The Rookie

I really liked Castle, this is a new show with Nathan Fillion as LA’s oldest Rookie.

So what TV shows do I watch?


I love NCIS.  It’s been one of my favourite shows for a while.  I wish Gibbs was my boss!  I’m not sure how this season will go with Abbey no longer in the team but change can be a good thing so we shall see

NCIS: New Orleans

When I first saw New Orleans I wasn’t sure if I liked it but now it makes me want to visit the Deep South, I’d love to go to Mardi Gras.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Seeing a theme?? I love the team chemistry, Hetty is brilliant and I can’t wait to see what happens after the finale of the last season


The latest season has just ended in America.  Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock fantastically and his relationship with Watson is brilliant

The Good Doctor

I really enjoyed the first season.  Freddie Highmore plays Shaun Murphy who is an Autistic Dr.  It shows how he is treated because of his condition but also how his mind works to solve medical problems.

Lethal Weapon

I’m not too keen on watching the second season as they fired Clayton Crawford & have replaced him with Seann William Scott (from American Pie).  I will give it a try but I’m not hopefully I will be watching it come May

The Good Place

I started watching The Good Place in March when I was away on training.  I watched the 2 seasons within a week.  It’s a light hearted programme which lasts 20 minutes.  It’s a great easy watch and quite funny

How to Get Away with Murder

Oh my god this is one of my favourite shows.  Viola Davis is incredible as Annalise Keating.  There are twists and turns all the time and at the end of most episodes I’m screaming at the tv that it can’t end there.  If you haven’t watched this show, watch it!

Hawaii Five-O

Steve McGarrett is eye candy.  It makes me want to go to Hawaii with the gorgeous scenery. It is a cop show but there is storylines about the characters as well which I like

Madam Secretary

I quite like some American political shows.  This one is one of my favourites.  Tea Leoni is great and she is a strong woman in a male dominant world but kicks ass.  This is how America should be run

Will & Grace

I used to watch this program when it was first on.  Again it is light comedy and an easy watch.  I did think the end of last season was a bit odd though

The Flash

Iris is annoying but it’s a fun programme


Oliver McQueen is hot.  I’m interested to see how this season will go.  Roy is supposed to be back which is good too

DC Legend’s of Tomorrow

Not my favourite of the DC shows but the characters are good & it’s fun


How her best friend doesn’t know she is Supergirl baffles me but it’s another easy watch show.


Another crime show with a twists of the tattoos.  It’s interesting to see how the next season will go with Jane having a “relapse”

The Blacklist

What is Red’s story?? What is going on??

For the People

This is a show about lawyers, you get the story from both the defence & prosecution sides and how they fight their cases

Designated Survivor

It had been cancelled but it’s been picked up by a different network.  I like Kiefer Sutherland

Black Lightning

A superhero programme about a family who have superpowers due to a drug given to their father when he was younger. The father stopped being a superhero years ago and became a high school principal however he starts again when drugs start hitting the streets


Another crime show.  Alan Cummings is a former CIA agent who is now a lecturer and he helps the police to solve murders

Stranger Things

I started watching this on my training in February.  Binge watching it was the best way to watch it I think.  Not sure when Season 3 will be out


Looking at this list I do watch A LOT of shows.  I have no idea how I find time, mostly once the boys go to bed we try to watch couple of shows a night.  If Mr M doesn’t watch the show, which he watches probably 3/4 of the shows, it gets a bit trickier to watch them

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