Mummy worry

Baby M has been in hospital again

He had another abscess, on the opposite side from the previous one

That’s 2 in a month

We were sent to the hospital by our gp on the Wednesday evening and they gave us oral antibiotics with open access to go back if we thought it was getting worse with an appointment to go back on the Monday to check how it was.

On the Saturday we went back to the hospital as it was getting bigger, the antibiotics weren’t working

Our hospital stay was longer this time, we spent a night in Blackpool hospital while they did blood tests & gave him iv antibiotics then we went to Alder Hey for surgery

Due to emergencies they couldn’t do the surgery on the Sunday but we had to keep him nil by mouth in case they could fit him in, by 6pm he was ravenous & wailing inconsolably so we were finally able to give him food. They agreed that it wasn’t fair for him to be left waiting & they’d do the surgery in the morning. It meant another night in hospital

The next day he had the surgery in the morning but they had to give him a relaxant as he was so distressed from all the poking & prodding he wouldn’t let any of them near him. After the surgery he was screaming & writhing around so much, it was really distressing. They gave him some ibuprofen but it made no difference so they ended up giving him morphine.

He managed to sleep & when he woke up he was more himself. He ate, drank & had a wee so later that evening we got home

We were told prior to the surgery that we may need to be seen by the infectious diseases team as it may be a problem with his immune system

After surgery we were told they had taken swabs & samples to be sent to the lab. The good news was it hadn’t tracked & there weren’t any fistulas which made them think it was more skin related rather than his immune system – phew good news

Having had 2 abscesses in a month I’ve been racking my brain thinking was it something we did? We always change his nappies regularly & straight after he has a poo. He has had reactions to some nappies & wipes but we always check for a rash, but did we miss something?

Waiting for the results was horrible & it took 5 days before we got the call, I’d also phoned Alder Hey to chase the results. They came back with some bacteria found but nothing unexpected or that suggested an infection. Good news but also frustrating. We were no further forward

The consultant said that sometimes this happens and hopefully he won’t get any more

I feel helpless, there’s nothing I can do to help my baby. Nothing I can do to stop him going through this traumatic thing again

I also feel I’m being silly. I know he doesn’t have a serious illness but I just worry

It’s had a big impact on me. I’ve been very tearful, snappy, struggling to concentrate & I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in over a week

I need to get my head straight and try to get back to myself. It’s not going to happen overnight but for me and for the boys I can’t keep being like this

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