Moving to Big Boy Bed

When we bought Mini M his cot we decided to buy a cotbed as we felt it was more economical

Now we have Baby M we will need to make the bed back to a cot

We didn’t want the change to all happen at the same time, we wanted Mini M’s change to a big boy bed to be a big deal for him then move Baby M into his cot

We decided that we wanted drawers under Mini M’s new bed for storage so we started the hunt for a bed

There is so much choice out there!

We found a few we liked then we showed Mini M & he made the final decision

He loves his new bed

He looks so small in it

We don’t have anything in the drawers yet but I’m sure that will soon change

We were quite surprised how tall it is, he just manages to get on! The mattress is quite a thick one too so that adds to the height. The first night we were worried he would fall out!

Our little boy is growing up so quickly

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