Monthly Bucket List July 2017

Hello July!!

Wow I feel like June went past in a flash!

Here’s what I wanted to achieve in June

  • I’m getting tired now & very uncomfortable at night so I need to make sure I rest – I’VE BEEN TRYING BUT IT’S HARD – I HAVE BEEN FINISHING WORK A LITTLE EARLIER WHICH HAS HELPED A BIT
  • Go to the Ideal Home Show. I got some free tickets through a website so I’m hoping we can go and get some inspiration for the house – FAIL! I WAS HAVING BAD PAINS SO WE DIDN’T GO
  • Go to a conference for work, it looks really interesting & I’m looking forward to networking as well as getting some new ideas – DONE! I WENT WITH ANOTHER MANAGER & WE HAD A GREAT DAY, MADE A FEW CONNECTIONS TOO
  • Most important for this month is our appointment with the consultant towards the end of the month, we will get our date for the section – DONE & FAIL! THE APPOINTMENT DID NOT GO WELL, WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE TODAY (POST COMING SOON!)
  • Enjoy family days out, make the most of the time we have left as a family of 3 – DONE! WE HAD A REALLY LOVELY MONTH AS A FAMILY


So what do I want to achieve this month?

  • I am finishing work for maternity leave, I want to make sure I leave everything finished & do a proper handover for whilst I am off
  • I have my baby shower the weekend I finish work, I’m looking forward to a lovely afternoon with my friends & my mum
  • It’s my birthday!! I don’t expect a big fuss with little man’s arrival imminent but I’d like to go for a nice afternoon tea or something on my birthday & maybe for a nice meal with my best friend
  • My nesting mode is kicking in, I’ve got some ideas for cleaning & tidying before little man comes
  • To make the most of this time before little man comes & rest when possible
  • Spend quality time with Mini M
  • Hopefully, all being well, little man will arrive this month


What do you want to achieve this month?

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  1. katie haydock says:

    I feel for you!! I’m not looking forward to my handover at work either… handing over my legacy (I know that is a little dramatic but you know allll about the hormones) to someone else is terrifying. I hope all goes well #monthlybucketlist

  2. Beth @ Twinderelmo says:

    I’ve been stalking for updates… I hope you enjoyed your baby shower and aren’t having to wait much longer. Enjoy these last few days and try to rest. Easy to say when you’ve already got one!!

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