Mental Health Awareness Week – my mental health

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

We ALL have mental health, good & bad

Not only have I suffered with my own mental health but it’s the field I work in

I love meeting people & talking to them. I have heard many stories throughout my career which have stopped me & made me think but also admire people, if I’d have been in their situation I don’t know how I would have handled things

Mental health is the poor cousin in the health world, the black sheep

People know it’s there, they pretend to care but really they’d rather bury their heads in the sand & ignore it. And they’d definitely rather not talk about it

I think weeks like this are great as it brings mental health to the forefront, people start talking. But then the week is over, what happens then?

I think my generation & younger generations are getting better at bringing things to the forefront, making people stand up & pay attention but what’s needed is more money

Money to train staff, money to improve services or even put services in place.

It’s ok telling people to talk but it’s no good when there’s noone there for them to talk to!

I’m lucky, I’ve got a fantastic family & some amazing & patient friends. When I’ve not been my best they’ve been there for me & listened.

I find running a fantastic form of therapy, I go out do my run, blast my music & clear my head. I’ve definitely missed that whilst I’ve been injured

I still have times now where I don’t want to get out of bed or I cancel an event or something as I’m anxious but that’s ok. It’s ok not to be ok!! The people who matter know that & will support you through that

So have a brew with your friend, if they don’t want to talk though, that’s ok, just to know someone is there when they’re ready is so important.

Let’s talk about mental health this week as well as every other week of the year!

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