May 2017 Bucket List

Hello May!

hello may

I know I keep saying it but this year is going so fast!

Summer is on it’s way (I hope!)

So how did I get on with my April list?

  • Get my blog/life/work balance right – I’ve been having some laptop issues which haven’t helped but I want to get back into my blog & have a good life balance – CONTINUE! I HAVE BEEN DOING BETTER & BLOGGING MORE
  • Celebrate Easter – I’m trying to think of fun Easter activities we can do as a family – DONE! WE HAD AN EASTER EGG HUNT & WENT TO THE ZOO
  • Start getting more organised for bump’s arrival – When I was pregnant with Mini M I felt super organised, I’m much more laid back this time – CONTINUE! I HAVE PUT ALL THE BABY CLOTHES IN DRAWERS & WE DID GO THROUGH THE GARAGE.  I’VE EVEN BOUGHT MY BITS FOR MY HOSPITAL BAG, JUST NEED TO PACK IT
  • April is going to be a stressful month at work as there’s a new development taking place this month so I need to make sure I take time to relax & look after myself & bump – NEED TO DO BETTER! I HAD A SCARE DUE TO MY DOING TO MUCH & MY MIDWIFE HAS TOLD ME I NEED TO TAKE IT EASY.  I’VE HAD A CHAT WITH WORK & WE’RE LOOKING AT HOW I CAN MAKE SURE I LOOK AFTER MYSELF WITHOUT WORRYING I HAVEN’T DONE EVERYTHING I NEED TO

So not too bad, some of the things are ongoing, especially the looking after me one

So what do I want to achieve in May?

  • Look after myself & bump.  After my scare last month I need to listen to my body
  • Switch off & de-stress
  • Go see Take That with my mum, we’re off to Glasgow – eeek!
  • Have my baby shower.  I didn’t do anything when I was pregnant with Mini M but I’m hoping for a lovely lunch with a select few ladies
  • Have our 4D scan.  We had one with Mini M & it was lovely
  • Celebrate my friends wedding without looking like a whale
  • Have a family day out somewhere new

What do you want to do this month?


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  1. Alana - Burnished Chaos says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely month, apart from the scare. You definitely need to make looking after yourself a priority this month, and a Take That concert and baby shower sound like the perfect ways!

  2. Stevie says:

    Oh yay for baby showers and 4D scans, neither of which were a thing when I was last pregnant 11 years ago (gulp!).

    Have a brilliant month and look after yourself lovely.

    Stevie xx #MonthlyBucketList

  3. Beth @ Twinderelmo says:

    You definitely need to relax and de-stress one if it’s the only thing you do this month Mrs!
    A 4d scan, baby shower and Take That? Makes for a very fun May. Thanks for linking up again darl xx

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