Managing my anxiety

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As you know if you’ve been reading my blog recently I have been suffering with anxiety

It has got worse in the past 2 weeks

I had panic attacks and really bad palpitations.  It’s been quite a scary time.  I’ve never had panic attacks before and I didn’t know what was happening, I thought I was having a heart attack.  The palpitations are horrible too, my heart sometimes feeling like it is going to burst out of my chest

I told my GP and he started me on a beta blocker, which is supposed to help with my palpitations

I’m only 2 weeks in to taking them, when I have palpitations they do lessen for maybe an hour when I take it but when I am panicking they don’t help at all, or just very briefly

I have had my first counselling session.  It was about getting to know me and we talked about some coping mechanisms as well as grounding

What my counsellor whats to do is to help me manage the panic attacks and try to break that cycle.  Unfortunately I am not sure what is causing them or the palpitations, I haven’t really noticed a trigger yet

I tried grounding at the weekend what I had a panic attack, but it didn’t work as I was too worked up I couldn’t focus on doing it.  I will persevere though

I have my second session next week so I am hoping we can work together & I can make progress as it is horrible feeling the way I do and I don’t want to keep feeling like this

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