Losing my baby weight

Now I’ve had my 6 week check I can start thinking about exercising again

I’ve really missed running, I find it such a good way to blow off steam

I have probably put on more weight since I had Baby M than I did in my pregnancy

Being tired all the time & quickly grabbing snacks when I can means I’ve been eating crap! Crisps & cakes are easy to eat whereas making something is hard work.

I’m going to start buying more fruit. I’m also going to look at what I’m eating – I’m not going on a diet per say just stop eating rubbish

I’m starting to listen to my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod again, I found this helped with my cravings before

I’m also going to start doing workouts on my Nike Training app, I found them helpful to build up my strength & tone before.  Once I’ve been doing the app for a few weeks I’m going to start running again.  I’m not sure whether to do the couch to 5km or just start running small distances & build it up

I’m going to register for some 10km runs for next year to give myself a goal

I’m not wanting to lose masses of weight, I just want to feel happy in myself

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