Looking for after school activities

Now Mini M has started school we are also looking at what after school activities he wants to do

He has said for a few months that he wants to do swimming but I’ve been a terrible mum & keep forgetting to phone up & check classes

We got a flier in his school bag about football classes. We asked him if he wanted to try that, to which he adamantly said no. He was never overly keen to do football at nursery

I’ve noticed a few martial arts classes so asked if he’d like to try that, I showed him some videos on YouTube but again he didn’t appear keen

He loved drama at nursery plus he’s always singing & dancing at home. I noticed a local performing arts class and they have an open day this weekend

He said that he’d like to try the taster session so we will take it from there

I don’t want to be a pushy parent, I want him to try different things, hopefully he’ll like them but it’s ok if not

What kind of after school activities does your little one do?

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