Little Tikes Kids vs Parents Games Night Challenge

Little Tikes have launched their new board game range

The new Little Tikes range of games & puzzles are a fun & unique way to get your little ones memorising, matching and moving as well as inspiring both active & imaginative play

The range introduces young children (aged 5+) to the concept of following rules, finding solutions and the incentive of winning.

We were sent the Crazy Toaster & Crazy Blender games

Crazy Toaster gets your little ones moving with it’s pop up toaster. You have to catch the toasted bread as it flies up out of the toaster in your pan. You have no idea how many pieces of toast will fly out at any time and you have to catch the matching toast for your plate & avoid the rotten fish

The toaster is really easy to assemble

Mini M was a little bit frustrated when we first started playing as he couldn’t catch the toast & we did have a mini meltdown but once he was shown properly & daddy helped him at first he was able to play on his own & did really well at catching the toast. So well in fact that he won that game


The Crazy Blender game needs you to put the fruit from your smoothie recipe in the blender. First person to get all their fruit in wins, however it isn’t that simple, the blender can throw out your fruit at any time

Again it was really easy to assemble

Mini M really enjoyed this game, he thought it was hilarious.

He was really quick at getting his fruit in. Again he won


He was very proud of his medal

We had great fun as a family. Although Baby M was too little to really play he enjoyed watching us all and was squealing & laughing

We will definitely be having more family games nights in the future

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review, all views are my own

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