Light at the end of the tunnel

Now I don’t want to jinx things but I feel much better than I did since my last post

My friends have been amazing!! It really is true that you find out who your friends are when you’re struggling

I had friends phoning me up to check how I am & my wonderful friend came round & had baby M for a morning so I could sleep. 

We’ve started Baby M on a comfort formula, we’re 6 days in & we are starting to see an improvement.  He’s definitely not as constipated but he still won’t burp much

Night time is still hard, he doesn’t want to go down, he’s so happy in our arms

My friend gave me a carrier to try which worked but his head was flopping about a bit so every time I moved he woke up

A colleague from work gave me a chair that is battery operated so you start it off & it keeps bouncing. Oh my god what a difference! He fell asleep!!  I could do the bottles & sort out the washing – nothing ground breaking but still such a massive massive difference!!

I’m not going to get too excited, every hour & every day is different

I’m not going to plan too much but take every day as it comes but it helps to know things can be ok 

We can have baby & mummy fun time & not just mummy exhausted time

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