January 2019 Bucket List

Not only is it a new month but it is also a new year!

So how did we get on with our December 2018 list?

  • Enjoy time with my brother & his partner when they visit for the weekend.  We’re going to have a little pre-birthday celebration as it’s his birthday in December as well as Mini M’s – DONE!  WE HAD A LOVELY VISIT ALTHOUGH IT HAD TO BE CHANGED A LITTLE BIT AS WE WERE ILL THE WEEKEND THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO COME AND THEY HAD TO LEAVE EARLY THE WEEKEND THEY CAME AS THE WEATHER WAS BAD.  ITWAS STILL LOVELY TO SEE THEM AND LOOK FORWARD TO MANY MORE VISITS
  • Go see Santa on the East Lancashire Railway – DONE! MINI M LOVED IT, BABY M WASN’T SO SURE
  • Enjoy Mini M’s End of Term show at Drama – DONE! IT WAS EXCELLENT, WE ARE SO PROUD OF MINI M
  • Mini M to enjoy his 2 Christmas parties – DONE!
  • To celebrate Mini M’s 5th birthday – DONE! HE HAD A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY
  • Enjoy a day at Winter Wonderland in Liverpool – FAIL! I WON A COMPETITION BUT NEVER GOT THE TICKETS
  • Enjoy drinks with our neighbours – FAIL! WE WERE ALL CHOKED WITH THE COLD
  • Have a nice meal out with friends – FAIL! WE HAVE REARRANGED FOR JANUARY

So what is on our January 2019 bucket list?

  • Go to Dino Adventure Golf with Mini M
  • Go visit my grandparents, my gran was diagnosed with breast cancer in December
  • Go back to work
  • Get in a routine with the gym
  • Go for a meal with friends

What are your plans for January?

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